The failure of A123 Systems partner is not the only difficulty that top brand Fisker are obliged to solve. The California-based company is mired in the worst crisis since its founding company (dating from 2008), so severe that they have resulted in production halt: Fisker will not be building any more Karmas for 6 months now.


fisker karma financial problems

For this reason, Henrik Fisker and his team sift carefully and hope they will get help from outside investors – especially from China from Grand Automotive Services Co.

Roger Ormisher, spokesperson for the California-based company, has admitted that “Fisker is in discussions with several strategic partners”, then throwing water on the fire at the request of details (” Any developments are expected in the coming months “).

A source requested by Reuters, warned the top bosses at Fisker, suggesting that “a company specialized in the production of electric cars can not be present in China,” where the government has promoted a very ambitious and attractive policy of electrification: by 2015, more than 500,000 plug-in hybrids and electric cars will move along the roads of China, increasing to 5 million by 2020.

The Chinese group is the only one to give a minimum of serenity to a brand bent by recent events. In 2012, Fisker saw frozen federal loans, had to issue a recall campaign, found itself deprived of its battery supplier (A123) and has suffered the consequences of Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed 300 of the 2,000 cars delivered. The willingness to support the project then takes on a specific meaning … don’t you think?

fisker karma

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